What is next?

Signing the petition to seek international pressure.
United Nation: Voting Fraud in the Malaysian GE13 calls for world invigilance
Democracy crisis in Malaysia: foreign workers were employed for fraud voting in Malaysian General Election

Find my consolation in 2 things:
1. Pakatan Rakyat is having 2/3 majority in my home state.
2. Malaysia is still peaceful after the election, meaning my family is all safe.

We are still in a constant pursue of:
1. a strong two-party system establishment
2. an impartial election
3. two parties, which are truly diversified with multiple ethnics in Malaysia. (Bangla is welcome if they are entitled with the official Malaysian Identity)
4. an information reach-out to the rural area, eg. political debate at the rural area concentrating on rural area development?
5. a depolarization among the politicians, let it be BN or PKR - don't blame the malay/muslim/chinese/christian, etc.
6. proper power distribution of the federal and the state government

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