Our wedding website is still alive

Surprised to find it being active: http://27jan2012.wix.com/gettinghitched#!. :-D

Bye bye Penang again

The 2016 home trip is coming to an end in a few hours. Leaving my hometown to head back to New York still take a toll in my emotion every time though I am going to do it for the 6th times. Goodbye, my lovely hometown. Till we meet again, please remember my love for you. 😭

My first ankle boots

Well, it is one of the least snow season in the Capital Region. Our snow blower has yet gotten a chance to come out to roll and play. Snow piles are no where to be seen with the constant rain melting away them. That gives me all the reasons to wear a pair of trendy ankle boots. 

Switching between the knee length boots to these ankle boots still send chills to my calves. The temperature is still swinging between -5 Deg Celcius to 5 Deg Celcius. However, I am seizing this least snow accumulation year to be a fashionista! ^_^


Down time

Life is ain't a bed of roses. 

On the fourth day into the year, I was feeling extremely fatigue with sore throat. The temperature is running a bit high. I am trying my best to resist the medicine, which is super powerful and "helpful" for speedy recovery. I am getting closer to middle age (or I am already at the middle age), so I want to put more effort in maintaining the body that I am having for the rest of my lifetime. I am definitely a big criminal in wasting it when I was younger. (Influence of Oh, My Venus! Must listen to Ji Sub Oppa's advice.) 

The next upcoming event is probably fever. In this -15 degree Celcius night, I feel a little bit miserable. It is extremely cold even I am inside a heated house and I am ill. I wish all the troubles will be gone as I am sleeping away in a sweet dream. 

30-day plank challenge entered into third day - 30 sec. Hopefully, it continues without a halt. 

Happy 2016

Whoosh, another year has passed by.

What to sum up the happy moment of my 2015?
1. Traveled back to Penang again :)
2. Witnessed my brother wedding (love love)
3. Stayed in a sea view suite in the Rasa Sayang Hotel. So good that I want to go back again.
4. Saw Lau Tong & Poay Ying in the New York City. 2 people from home made me missing home even more. I wept the moment that I parted with Poay Ying. They made me missing Penang terribly, in a nostalgic manner.
5. It is a year of all America travelings - Finger Lakes, Chicago & Alaska.
a. Finger Lakes is a quieter place compared to our place. It actually bored us with its countryside lifestyle.
b. Chicago Millennium Park was relaxing. We went on the dinner cruise to see the Chicago skyscrapers. On the 4th of July, we saw the fireworks from the Chicago 360 Observatory. We basically had a vision of miles away from the Hancock Tower. That gave us countless sites of fireworks for at least 30 minutes.
c. Celebrated my birthday in Alaska, continue to strive not to spend my birthday at the same location twice. Alaska trip was fresh, new and very different in term of scenery and experience. The Virgin Blue flight was simply awesome. We were able to go on the internet while we were in the air. 
We drove the RV to the Denali National Park, sleeping in the National Park for the first time and was told that we slept under the aurora. The first-time events kept counting in this magical place. We entered into the 30% club that seeing the Denali and we have 7 sightings of bear. Can't be more lucky in this outdoor expedition.
Within the same trip, we came so close with the things that are not found in our familiarity - icebergs, glaciers, fjords and tonnes of wildlife. It is one amazing trip, which the details will be hard to wear off.
6. Gotten myself a pair of Timberland hiking shoes for the Alaskan trip. They are waterproof. Most importantly, they are very comfortable for hiking. Best investment as I basically walked in those for the 10 days out in the wild and continued using them for the fall hikings. 
7. Brown Bottega Veneta Intreciatto was my Christmas gift. 
8. An iPhone 6P out of the blue.

What is for 2016? As I looked through my 2015 wish list, they look almost the same things I wish for 2016. It feels like I have been procrastinating for a year. Yet, those are not the easy things. *Excuse*
1. Exercise 3 times a week. (Same thing again - doable now with the rope-less skipping ropes & oh my Venus plank motivation)
2. Read 6 books again. (2015: 2 books only, omg. Facebook!!!)
3. Write more.
4. Do better golf. 
5. Use the bicycle helmet and rack at least once. 
6. Rationale negotiations.
7. Korean still. (Surprised to see it in last year list.)
8. Be healthy and love Donkoi more each day.
9. 1 glass of alcohol per meal. (Doing pretty well on this until 2015 holidays season)
10. Dieting. 55kg, maybe.
11. 365 project on Instagram


Burberry Trench

Donkoi has been bugging me to buy this coat. But, it will be too thin to wear for the weather in New York. For something that we can only wear in a short period, the price tag is too high. He likes the high-maintenance girl. He is trying to influence me to become one. So, IT WASN'T me...blek. 


Birthday Ambush

She shrieked, "AH!!!", walking into the dining room. In the the halfly dark house, we were still scrambling to find a place to conceal all parts of our bodies. Then, someone screamed, "Surprise!" . All of us just came out from the hiding places, chanting the same phrase and surrounding the birthday girl. Raymond was holding Faith coming in from the backyard. Faith was one clueless baby clinging to her daddy with her happy mood from a good long afternoon nap. 

For once, the birthday eating is not super lavish. And, for once, the birthday surprise party is a real ambush.