Burberry Christmas Greetings

Living in a small town with the closest decent mall 20 miles away, internet has become the biggest shopping mall for Donkoi & I. When you can't stand at the corridor staring at the christmas display window, laying in bed, exercising the fingers, swapping page to page to see all the holiday themed photo is just as fun, especially I am under a white plush blanket. *GRIN*


She is my sister

She is just beautiful. Seoul matches her nicely. Wish to be with her there. Love.

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Snoopy + Coach = ?

Collaboration between Snoopy and Coach. Snoopy is so adorable. Overflowing of cuteness. I hover my mouse so many times on the Snoopy just to make the hearts popping up from his nose. Childish act. 


Sunday Morning

This is my surreal moment. The moment is not meassured by the commonly known standard, clock. Its duration is measured by your deep breathing rhythm as you are dreaming away. I could lay behind you listening to it all day. It is pleasant to my ears.

This is my kind of Sunday morning. It is free. It is priceless. It is my blessing.



We are getting into the Halloween mood. It is our fourth year here and it is the first time we are carving a pumpkin. And, we are going to play dress up game. 


My Stockholm

My birthday gift. 

Our STOCKHOLM collection has top quality furnishings for most areas of your home. They’ll age beautifully as you use them every day for years and years

Did it not just make my chair a lady? Should I put SKII on it as well? 


Ferragamo Shoes

Saw these on the kinkybluefairy blog. *love*
Yes, I still read Kinky Blue Fairy & Kenny Sia. It is a 10-year routine soon. Gosh, I am getting old.