Ferragamo Shoes

Saw these on the kinkybluefairy blog. *love*
Yes, I still read Kinky Blue Fairy & Kenny Sia. It is a 10-year routine soon. Gosh, I am getting old. 



I love ribbon on shoes... or clothes or almost everything. *heart* 





After you are gone

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Nespresso Cauca Limited

New limited flavour for the Nespresso - Cauca Limited. Simply good with just a small teaspoon of sugar. *heart* Bought it during our trip to New York to meet up with Khoon Seang. That were many first-time for us that day - first time going to upscale shopping mall, Bloomingdale; first time going to upscale watch store, Tourneau Time Machine to do watch window shopping. :)


Holding his hand

It is really difficult to hold Donkoi's hand in the winter, especially the winter in the Upstates New York. It is so cold that the best place to keep the hands are in the gloves. After the thick layer of gloves, the hands have to be stuffed inside the jacket pockets.  For sure. 

Taking this photo from my perspective while we went to our Thai friend place for all the great Thai food. We had too much drink that night. When I finally felt hungry, I went ahead to heat up that Tomyam soup on the stove. I ended having 3 bowls of the home-cooked Thai tomyam. ^_^


Next week this time

I can almost visualize the turtle island extending the welcoming hands. My facebook will be filled with all the wonderfulness of Penang. Family & friends + food & drink. Hiak Hiak. 

Let's list down my wishlist to see how many I can nail down. 
1. ART IS RUBBISH. If they locked down this place after the exhibition, I might try to break in with the risk of getting arrested by police. Of course, I will prepare RM50 in my pocket. Is that still the market rate?! 

2. Made in Penang. My sister is going to take a day off. We will take my mum along to visit this place. We can drink the coffee with our most beloved chief minister. May be I can tell him that I did support him from afar during 5/5/2013 election...

3. Balik Pulau Cycling Tour. Many people has been displaying the serene photos of Balik Pulau on the Facebook. I feel I should join in to make me more like a Penang-lang.  

Don't want to make my tourist list too long as I might ended doing all my routine things reaching home - eat, sleep, eat, then sleep again. :)