Dream Kitchen

This is my dream kitchen scrapbook. Dream is always far away from realistic. But, I love our kitchen in our house now. It is functional. It has its own vibes, which is not a cookie cutter template you see in every other houses.  

Cement countertop. It is super durable. It reminds me of my grandma old house, which have a big kitchen with the dining room together. Talking about open house concern, that was what I used to have when I was a kid. 


Tokyo Banana

It is a gift from the number one country in packaging to Donkoi and I. Eye pleasing, mouth satisfying, even our porky was dancing in joy. 

I just saw a squirrel climbing up the fence while looking out to the patio from our dining room. Currently, I am waiting for Donkoi to get garden supply from the Lowes. Yeah, we are real countryside residents now. *March in full pride with our new identity, lol*


Neo Gwi Yeop Da

Mani mani gwi yeop da. ^_^

Cleaned up those non-active blogs link from "A Reader's Goto", realized that very little people blog nowadays and very little people blog frequently (including myself). I guess a picture on Facebook or Instagram is easier to share their story.


Bottega Veneta Intrecciato

There are so many colours to choose from. If I ever get this, it will be a practical bag that I carry everywhere. All the candy and white colours are nice to see, but it will give me constant heartache with every new found stains, so, they are out.  I think brown or dark blue will be my choice. Let's see if I can find them next week in the premium outlet. :)


I want new shoes!

The winter is terribly cold. My poor faux leather boots failed to block the snow and wind chill from kissing my toes. Their incapability is quite showing especially in the hours that I am doing driveway clearance, whereby there is ice surrounding my feet to chill them like how champagne is in a ice bucket. Imagine. 

Someday, Bee Chin was giving me this idea that you can actually wear rain boat with thick boot socks to provide better insulation to your feet. She has been wearing a pair of black Hunter tall rain boots for almost a year. (2 winter seasons) I think it is kind of a cool idea. I am now torn between staying practical or being funky. Look at the colours - they are really cute! WHICH ONE SHOULD I BUY!!!?? Also saw another cute brand - Aigle. 

*practical option #1: $158 * 

*practical option #2: $199 *

*practical option #3: $230 *

*Don't think so unless I have spare money *


Donkoi-less #7

I am sleepy due to a long day. My body is in weekend mode again. By 9pm, I was under my blanket waiting to doze off. 

I had a rather bad headache in the morning out of middle of nowhere. After enduring it for an hour, I walked from one office building to the other office building to get some help. The company nurse was very patient explaining the medicine content to me before handing it out to me. As I have not been taking this off shelves pain reliever for a long time, I totally forgot my throat reaction to acetaminophen. The following hours were really bad as my reaction to the substance has made me coughing non-stop. My colleague said I should consider telling any doctor next time not to provide me with such pain reliever. I must remember to write down the next time I see Dr Inesa. 

Dr Inesa is my adorable family doctor. I received a mail from her regarding my blood work. There are some abnormalities to follow up next week, but nothing to be concerning. Surprisingly, I have higher than average protein and globulin. I wonder what could contribute to it. I must really make time on Monday to clarify that with her. 


Donkoi-less #6

Nothing has occurred today, except that we are expecting another snowfall in the weekend...Also, I am starting to pray that Donkoi will arrive safely at our NY home on Saturday after seeing the Taiwan plane accident. The bed definitely feels colder when he is not around. The house is bigger without his loitering items at every corners. The driveway looks longer when I have to do the snow clearance myself. Well, the things we own can't help to remind me that they are meant for two. :)

13 more days to our flight home. I am excited. At the same time, I am anxious to get the work done before I leave. People started to talk about my long vacation and I am definitely looking forward to it. Besides going back to Penang, I will be visiting Singapore this time from 3/2 - 3/5, 4-day-3-night trip. Yeah, I want to have Melben Crab. v(._.)v It is my turn to take a lot of photos and whatsapp my sister. She is in Bangkok with my cousin. The two of them are having an awesomely great girl trip!!!

As Chinese New Year is drawing near, I am posting a photo of my friend's kid, who was selected as a winner for a kid's photo contest by a parents' magazine. She is super adorable and pretty. I remembered how cheeky she was before she moved back to Singapore a year ago. I must put down visiting Loke family as one of the todo in Singapore. :)