Burberry Trench

Donkoi has been bugging me to buy this coat. But, it will be too thin to wear for the weather in New York. For something that we can only wear in a short period, the price tag is too high. He likes the high-maintenance girl. He is trying to influence me to become one. So, IT WASN'T me...blek. 


Birthday Ambush

She shrieked, "AH!!!", walking into the dining room. In the the halfly dark house, we were still scrambling to find a place to conceal all parts of our bodies. Then, someone screamed, "Surprise!" . All of us just came out from the hiding places, chanting the same phrase and surrounding the birthday girl. Raymond was holding Faith coming in from the backyard. Faith was one clueless baby clinging to her daddy with her happy mood from a good long afternoon nap. 

For once, the birthday eating is not super lavish. And, for once, the birthday surprise party is a real ambush. 

The next places to venture

1. Oldest National Park of USA. Yellowstone National Park - Mt. Rushmore. ()
2. Las Vegas - Utah
3. Ecuador - Galápagos
4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
5. Buenos Aires, Argetina
6. Alaska (https://goo.gl/maps/gXNqa)
7. Mexico
8. Rocky Mountain Lake Louise, Banff National Park
9. Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Garden of the Gods Colorado, Colorado


Dream Kitchen

This is my dream kitchen scrapbook. Dream is always far away from realistic. But, I love our kitchen in our house now. It is functional. It has its own vibes, which is not a cookie cutter template you see in every other houses.  

Cement countertop. It is super durable. It reminds me of my grandma old house, which have a big kitchen with the dining room together. Talking about open house concern, that was what I used to have when I was a kid. 


Tokyo Banana

It is a gift from the number one country in packaging to Donkoi and I. Eye pleasing, mouth satisfying, even our porky was dancing in joy. 

I just saw a squirrel climbing up the fence while looking out to the patio from our dining room. Currently, I am waiting for Donkoi to get garden supply from the Lowes. Yeah, we are real countryside residents now. *March in full pride with our new identity, lol*


Neo Gwi Yeop Da

Mani mani gwi yeop da. ^_^

Cleaned up those non-active blogs link from "A Reader's Goto", realized that very little people blog nowadays and very little people blog frequently (including myself). I guess a picture on Facebook or Instagram is easier to share their story.


Bottega Veneta Intrecciato

There are so many colours to choose from. If I ever get this, it will be a practical bag that I carry everywhere. All the candy and white colours are nice to see, but it will give me constant heartache with every new found stains, so, they are out.  I think brown or dark blue will be my choice. Let's see if I can find them next week in the premium outlet. :)