Games of Throne Virus Started

This scene is so artistically made. Emilia Clarke's expression is so unique. What is running through her mind with three peculiar creatures touching her naked body?! 

It outbeats the incest, gay, lesbian & prostitution hot scene. Of course, I am not a fan of the bloody mary spreading across the scene. But, the story is forming now... Season #1, Ep. 9.


Now it is 32 days

It was on the traditional calendar, which was sticking on the unfamiliar new refrigerator. It was at Donkoi's parents' house. Ern and Jian were picking up their pencils, trying to count the remaining days to the date of their stickers, chocolate, toys and clothes arrival. 

Yes, we pamper them especially we only get to see them once in a year. It is our bribery to make sure we are not forgotten. Their innocent excitement is priceless.


Feel like -29


It says 47 days

Mr & Mrs Donkoi, the waiting duration to the next trip to Penang. Tick Tock Tick Tock. 


Happy 2015

I found a black hole sometime in 2014. It is emotional from then until now and after? That is one of the lowest light in my life so far. There are no words such as "overcome", "forget it" or "it doesn't matter". This blank empty feeling is here lingering. 

Other than that, 2014 is pretty much another eventful year of an adult life. 

On our 13th anniversary, Donkoi bought us two return tickets to Paris. Finally, seeing the Eiffel Tower and carrying Chanel, Donkoi made my dreams come true.  That was my 2.1 loving them to the moon and back. I was happiest back then. It would be my humble wish that I could turn back time. 

From my dearest Donkoi, a Burberry scarf and Jean-Georges for my birthday. For his effort in planning everything out at the 5th Avenue, I love him even more. Birthday is always a great reminder how blessed I could be. Surprise birthday party is added back into my dictionary this year along with a new word "ambush".

The two words that always make my world - family and friends. I continue to have them both in 2014. Their presence from near and far makes me special and ordinary at the same time. Let's say a little prayer for them, to stay healthy and safe, to stay cheerful and happy. May 2015 be another blessed year for them. 

What do I want to do for 2015? (hmmmmph...)
Go SLIMMER. (Cheese and potatoes did not get me. It was the Asian gathering culture getting to me!)
Eat healthy (More greens, less meat - Donkoi!) 
Exercise 3 times a week. 
Write 4 posts per month = 48 posts (blame the facebook, twitter) 
Read 6 books (blame the facebook again) 
Learn Korean (maybe?)
Go to Yellowstone National Park?
Be a discipline alcoholic. (1 glass per event)
Start retirement funding (not too early, right?)
Start a farm, have a goat (the longer I am away from the city, the more likely I can imagine myself doing this)

Well, it is New Year and I am hopeful. Let's see what happen next year. See you next...week! 


Chanel 2014

with[out] you

Burberry Christmas Greetings

Living in a small town with the closest decent mall 20 miles away, internet has become the biggest shopping mall for Donkoi & I. When you can't stand at the corridor staring at the christmas display window, laying in bed, exercising the fingers, swapping page to page to see all the holiday themed photo is just as fun, especially I am under a white plush blanket. *GRIN*