Here in my home

It is such a big hit on the radio now. Yes, this song is inserted in between Sara Bareille's and Madonna's. The frequency of it on air is 45minutes once. I heard it once at Bayan Lepas >> heading Tanjung Bungah. Then, it was broadcasted again while Donkoi was parking his car. Another time was the time we were heading home after the dinner and beach strolling.

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This song is dedicated to Dr M. This is the best evidence for the success of your brain child project - Bangsa Malaysia. However, in his speech of leaving the party this evening, he said that Umno was no longer the same party when it was formed on May 11, 62 years ago. "Then Umno fought for the Malay interests, rights and privileges." A man that goes against his own words. I seriously don't know on what ground that I am holding my respect for this once remarkable leader. [The developments in Malaysia during the past 22 years that he was in power were simply magnificent.]


Anonymous said…
People change all the time. There is no such thing as permanent good / bad guys as portrayed in films & literatures.

To err is human, afterall.
Leangz~** said…
Maybe. I believe people will be more consistent if they are not selfish.