5/27/2013, 4503 days

Accompanying by his snoring while typing this post.

1. The day started as part of the extension from 5/26 as we were still 2.5 hours away from home. 2. Upon our arrival, the weather was extremely cold. Frost warning. Who told me once that Memorial Day is the start of the summer?!!! 
3. Saw Donkoi's new toy - Dyson sitting in front of our door. All the driving exhaustion diminished for Donkoi. He gathered the remaining energy to assembled his new baby. 
4. Slept through the night till 12am. 
5. Drove to Albany Asian Mart alone to get all the ingredients for Laksa. 
6. Milk, egg, bread at the Walmart. 
7. Came home seeing a pot of mackerel waiting for debone. Rolling up my sleeves, getting my hands really smelly. 
8. Lunch for tomorrow: salmon salad.  

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